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Here are four reasons and signs that it's time to replace your mailbox and to invest in an attractive and strong mailbox for your property... Modern Touch Design tips from Los Angeles
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Replacing a Mailbox - Modern Touch Design - Los Angeles

When is it a good time to replace my mailbox?

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Take a drive anywhere and you’ll see old ugly mailboxes right in front of houses, everywhere. Ugly, cheap-looking, old, rusted, broken, bent, poorly mounted… you name it. These house or business owners are not just neglecting the safety of their own mail in many cases, but they are also decreasing the value of their property and their neighbors’ as well. This lack of care can also attract criminals!
Here are four reasons and signs that it’s time to replace your mailbox and to invest in an attractive and strong mailbox for your property:


1. Your mailbox is poorly mounted or loose.

A loose mailbox can cause other damages and even injury to kids and to others that may be around it. Replacing that mailbox can prevent costly and time consuming damages and injuries.


2. Your mailbox is outdated or plain UGLY.

An outdated mailbox will not only look bad aesthetically, but it’s helping decrease the value of your property and your neighborhood. It’s proven that the investment you make in a nice and new mailbox will automatically pay for itself in added value to your home or business, in addition to convenience and safety.


3. Your mailbox is broken.

A broken mailbox can cause injury and frustration to you and your mailman as well as exposing your mail to rain, snow and other elements. Another important problem can be loss of your valuable mail and identity, as mail theft is a rapidly increasing crime in most areas and neighborhoods.


4. Your mailbox lock does not work.

As already mentioned, mail and identity theft is an increasingly important issue in this country regardless of where you live. Mail being lost or stolen is a major concern since you might lose important documents, checks, bills and notifications you might not be able to recover later. Lost of important mail can ultimately create financial, legal and credit rating issues.


Stop ignoring your mailbox. You look at it and use it constantly coming to your house or work. Invest in a mailbox that will make you proud and will enhance your property’s appeal and value. Choose one of the great selection and styles that are being offered by Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles. We can also put your house numbers on them, deliver and install them at your property at very reasonable prices!


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