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Modern-Touch Design is your place for contemporary accents in Los Angeles. Steel-wired and Glass Railings, Planters, Fountains, Mailboxes and Artificial Grass Turfs.
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Surround yourself with good Feng Shui

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One of the essential elements of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art or science of spatial arrangement, is water. Actually, Feng Shui means Wind and Water in Chinese! According to its principles, water brings balance to any space and generates a constant flow of energy, that also can be translated to prosperity and abundance.


Get one now and start enjoying the sounds, feeling and the energy of having a soothing water flow inside your garden. Call Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles at 1-800-280-7018 or visit us online at to check our great selection of modern water fountains. We can also work on good discounts too.

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