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Modern-Touch Design is your place for contemporary accents in Los Angeles. Steel-wired and Glass Railings, Planters, Fountains, Mailboxes and Artificial Grass Turfs.
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Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles Railing and Fencing

Safety should be your priority

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Everything we from Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles install is according to safety standards from around the globe. From stairs indoor or outdoor, to pool areas, balconies and porches. You need sturdy and reliable protection for your family and guests. You will never be comfortable knowing that you have parts of your property not secured enough or with old railings or fencing that might cause an accident at any given moment.


Call now Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles at 1-800-280-7018 or visit us online at for a free quote in our secure yet amazing looking modern railings and fences.

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