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Find out more about materials, shapes and colors and special features of different planters that would create a better landscape design. Contact Modern Touch Design with any questions.
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Modern Touch Design - Modern Planters

Planters 101: A Quick Guide

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I bet you are allured by the modern planter selection you see on our website and will be even more tempted when you stop by our store. However, most of our customers are not aware of some of the basics when it comes to choosing the planter that will fit their needs the best way possible.


That’s why we are offering you this brief guide to help you decide on the best choice:



1. Materials


Here at Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles we offer planters that use two of the top materials you can have.


The most popular choice is GFC. GFC (or GFRC) stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. This mixture offers you the finish and the sturdiness of tough concrete and the lightness of fiberglass. Despite being incredible resistant and good-looking, GFC planters can be quite heavy. Not as heavy as pure concrete, but still heavy. The fiberglass is added to the mix to make the planter a little lighter without compromising the durability of your new piece.


GFC planters are also easier to shape and paint, so you can have an amazing array of design options and finishes, from matte to glossy and metallic colors.
Despite being a little more costly and more difficult to get different shapes and finishes, the Polyester Resin planters are not just very resistant to elements but they are also extremely light. Even our largest sizes can be moved around by one person.


Another difference between the “natural” concrete planter and the “poly” planter is the evaporation of water. Poly planters are able to keep the moisture of the soil longer than GFC planters.


GFC or Poly-resin. It’s your call! We have a great selection of both materials. A little extra weight gives you more options, shapes and colors. If you need something lighter, you can go with Polyester Resin Planters.



2. Shapes


Modern planters usually have minimal and clean designs. Squared (or rectangular) and round planters are the most common options.
The shape of your planter is very important because it has to match not only your design and personal taste, but the needs of your plant as well. You have to make sure it will fit your plant properly, giving room for it to grow and thrive.
Some of our planters have drainage holes (more on that issue later in this article) and support for false bottoms (raised base). This way you can drain your soil properly or install your plant higher inside your new planter.
Please browse our planters catalog to see what we can offer and its shapes and specifications.



3. Colors


It’s not all black and white! Despite being the best sellers, modern planters can also come in different color finishes. Basically, we have three different overall finishes: matte, glossy and metallic.
Matte Finishes: The matte or flat finish is a finish with little to no amount of gloss or shine. Matte finishes are generally used in Modern and Urban designs. They give you more of a rough or natural appearance. Their subtle looks might fit the needs of your garden or your general design theme better. The most popular matte finish is black (or charcoal). Anthracite (mid to dark grey) is another popular matte finish that we have been selling a lot of as well. Copper, White and different shades of Grey are other available matte finishes. Also, we can’t forget the No Finish/ Natural Concrete option. Natural concrete planters do not have any finish, but they can have some paint mixed into the concrete base, therefore they can still offer that rough, natural concrete look.


Glossy and Metallic Finishes: These shiny finishes use extra coats of special primers, paints and waxes, which makes these planters a bit pricier than the ones with matte finishes. The look however is superb and they are easy to clean too! The glossy option at Modern-Touch is White and the available metallic finishes are Red, Blue and Green. Glossy and metallic finished planters usually stand out, allowing for that accent piece in your room or garden or making the modern planter the focal point of your design.



4. Drainage Holes


Depending on the kinds of plants chosen, plant containers may need drainage holes. It is required to prevent over-accumulation of rain water in the container, possibly killing the plant. Drainage holes can also help provide air to the roots. Most of Modern-Touch Design planters already come with a drainage hole or we can create them if needed. If you are not sure if you need to have a drainage hole, you can ask your landscape designer or specialist or you can stop by our store so we can advise you accordingly to your situation.


Another feature in some of our planters, especially the taller ones, are the added side support for a false bottom. This way you can place your plant or plants on a higher base than the bottom of the planter. This feature helps with shorter plants and artificial ones.



No matter what kind of material, shape, color or specs you need, chances are we have the perfect modern planter you can’t find anywhere else at such reasonable prices! And possibly at an additional discount too as we have different affiliation and referral incentives and monthly specials! Make sure you stop by Modern-Touch Design at 1525 S. La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles, California or visit our website to see the great lineups we carry. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. Call us at 1-800-280-7018 or shoot us an e-mail at

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