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It is a fact that we in Southern California have been facing water shortages for years, and this problem seems to be existent in the foreseeable future. Water thirsty grass lawns and plants, not only require attention and maintenance, with the increasing water usage rates, they represent a costly option that many owners live with, mostly due to lack of options.


Now more than ever, the solution is both financially and aesthetically appealing. Modern-Touch Design’s expert landscaping designers and contractors, have many beautiful, easy care and water saving landscaping options, including grass-like Synthetic Turf, Pebbles, Tiles and water-wise plants that are attractively designed to replace your lawn with a MODERN AND DYNAMIC APPEARANCE THAT SAVES YOU MONEY AND HASSLES.


Savings from decreased maintenance and consumption expenses can offset the initial costs of remodeling. In addition, government energy providers periodically offer Energy Savings Rebate Programs to induce energy efficiency renovations. Since Nov 2014, L.A. DWP has increased the GRASS LAWN REMOVAL REBATES to $3.75 per sq ft!  so for a limited time, you can receive a considerable amount in rebates towards having a more beautiful and easy care modern lawn! Great program to take advantage of and help the environment at the same time, isn’t it?


Modernizing your property makes your home or commercial property more beautiful, comfortable and functional. Energy-efficient properties save money. Renovations that improve energy and water efficiency, reduce bills. Installing long-life features will also save on future replacement expenses.


It’s Your Money, so Claim it Now

Every year utilities offer millions of dollars in rebates and incentives to encourage efficiency. It sounds too good to be true: They are paying you to save money and have a nicer looking home or commercial building!

Water saving rebates are pretty simple to apply for. Below are links to some of the local utility providers’ websites that offer more information on energy efficiency and REBATE PROGRAMS available, as well as REBATES APPLICATION FORMS:

The State of California manages a website that brings together energy and water efficiency rebate information for California residents (see links below).   

It’s always a good idea to call your utility directly to verify the information found on the website about which rebates you’re eligible for and to check for any new programs that may not yet be listed.


If you are uncertain about who is the agency that would be handling your rebates, start here:


General information site offered by the state:  


L.A. DWP site:


Pacific Gas and Electric:


If you have any questions or if you need help please contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you in the process.