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Drowning children: The real risk of having a pool at home

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Did you know that every day, two children 14 or under die in the United States from drowning in non-boating related episodes*? Staggering huh!? That’s basically on the sea, on ponds or lakes but mainly, on public and private pools.


And for every death in a pool, five other children need to receive emergency care for nonfatal drowning accidents. And half of these, need to stay in the hospital for days after the occurrence for further care.


Those stats are scary enough, but people are not aware that a drowning episode it’s not just about breathing again. The lack of oxygen in the brain can cause several (and permanent) damages to those who suffered a drowning episode. It might range from mild memory problems and cognitive difficulties to more drastic consequences, such as severe loss of basic body functions (vegetative state).


Even with all the danger involved, pools continue to be a very popular choice for homeowners across the country. Kids (and also adults) love it! How not to? It’s a fun form of playing, it’s great during the summer and water activities are beneficial to children’s bodies and minds.


However, as a responsible parent, you should make sure your kids and their friends will have a safe environment for them. That’s why every pool project should be developed considering safety as a top priority.


Glass fences around pools are one of the top choices in America in recent years. A grass railing not only guarantees the safety of your pool, but the transparency and the absence of a frame won’t interfere with the environment around your yard. And its modern looks make your house even more attractive. And valuable!


And it’s not just for kids. Adults, especially elderly, can be in danger around a pool too. Usually a very slippery surrounding.


Don’t get caught by surprise. Don’t take a chance. Protect your family with railings around your pool. It might not be a requirement in your city like many other countries around the World, but it will definitely give you the peace of mind your pool should come with. And it will make your property worth even more! It’s simply the wiser choice.


*According to the CDC / April 2016.

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