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Modern-Touch Design is your place for contemporary accents in Los Angeles. Steel-wired and Glass Railings, Planters, Fountains, Mailboxes and Artificial Grass Turfs.
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Glass: Invisible and won’t get old

Modern-Touch Design Steel-Wire Railings

It won’t rust!

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Everytime people think about buying something made of steel, one big concern comes afloat: Is this thing rusting? Yes, we understand that can be true, but not in this case.   All the steel-wire hardware provided by Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles for any kind of installation...

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Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles Glass Railing and Fencing

Do you know how Tempered Glass is made?

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Tempered glass has many applications in modern architecture. Due to its strength, transparency, durability and clean beauty, it is an irreplaceable design element, both indoors and outdoors, where the use of other surface materials reduce the enjoyment of attractive spaces and views.   Tempered glass is produced...

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12 reasons to get a water fountain

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1. The sounds of water Water imagery is part of human meditation for centuries and is linked to almost every culture on the planet. The sound of running water relaxes in a natural psychological way. It helps people to relax deeply and sometimes even fall asleep....

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