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Modern-Touch Design is your place for contemporary accents in Los Angeles. Steel-wired and Glass Railings, Planters, Fountains, Mailboxes and Artificial Grass Turfs.
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Drowning children: The real risk of having a pool at home

Mailbox As a Design Feature - Modern Touch Design - Los Angeles

Mailbox As a Design Feature

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Designing a new property is not only about the quality of the construction. When it comes to Curb-appeal, a wise and tasteful selection of colors, landscaping and add-on features play a major role in the overall project. One of the most underrated accent pieces in...

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The soothing sounds of water

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Water imagery is part of human meditation for centuries and is linked to almost every culture on the planet. The sound of running water relaxes in a natural psychological way. It helps people to relax deeply and sometimes even fall asleep. So, how about having...

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Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles Railing and Fencing

Safety should be your priority

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Everything we from Modern-Touch Design in Los Angeles install is according to safety standards from around the globe. From stairs indoor or outdoor, to pool areas, balconies and porches. You need sturdy and reliable protection for your family and guests. You will never be comfortable...

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