Modern Touch Design – Los Angeles | About us
Modern-Touch Design is your place for contemporary accents in Los Angeles. Steel-wired and Glass Railings, Planters, Fountains, Mailboxes and Artificial Grass Turfs.
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About us

Modern-Touch Design has a mission to create beauty and value, through our modern designs and features, for as many L.A. county homeowners who appreciate fine work, as we possibly can.

It’s a fact that most houses in this region look ugly, old and dull. Many homeowners are fearful of the unforeseen issues that can come up, or just avoid renovations that disrupt their lives for months; therefore most houses remain untouched or partially renovated on the interior.

While many contractors can do acceptable interior renovations, Modern-Touch’s designers and contractors, with over a century of combined remodeling experience, go way beyond acceptable. Our Contemporary and Modern design styles constantly create attractive and profitable renovations, not just in interior areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, walls, plumbing and electrical, but our taste and expertise in stunning exterior fa├žade transformations give us an edge that is hard to beat.